Baby Case – Suitcase For Babies

Baby Case – Suitcase For Babies
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Baby Case – Suitcase For Babies

Baby Case is designed to bring everything that you need for travelling with babies and little ones into one place. From the must have travel products to handy tips and advice from parents and carers who have already tried, Baby Case has everything you need to make your family holiday stress-free and, well, like a holiday!


To make life even easier, The Baby Case, is the first suitcase specifically designed for travelling with a young family. Having been shortlisted in three of the leading baby products awards in its first year The Baby Case is definitely the first product you need.


And whatever else may happen, enjoy your holidays.


A compact, adaptable and simple space to use

Baby Case

A modular system keeps items separate and convenient to find – just like at home

Baby Case

Stacking shelves with moveable dividers make personalising the space easy


Best Baby And Toddler Gear 2015

Loved By Parents 2015

What’s In My Baby Case?

Baby CaseIf you have a little one and want to go on holiday to relax then you need a Baby Case. Once packed, the Baby Case allows you to be as organised as you would be at home giving you more time to enjoy your holiday. In addition, for every Baby Case sold, £1 will be donated to a worthy children’s charity in the UK.

Click here to purchase a downloadable packing list.


It is only when you have had your own baby that you can understand the love that a parent has for their child. There are some awful situations that some babies and children are put through, sometimes simply through tragic circumstances and sometimes because of cruelty at the hands of adults who should protect them. We are lucky in the UK that there are many charities and support groups who do their best to help and care for those children and their families when it is needed – but only with our funding.

In order to help those less fortunate, for every Baby Case sold £1 will be put aside and the total figure at the end of the financial year will be published and distributed to UK charities. In future years we hope to be able to expand this to worldwide causes.