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Here are a few helpful hints for your travels. Please use the contact form below if you want to submit any of your own ideas!

Top travel tips for any occasion

  • have enough snacks and water with you to last the journey and any delays!
  • have a clear plan of your journey to schedule nappy changes/ toilet breaks
  • When you pack make sure you know what you may need and where it is – no point in having all the snacks in the boot of the car when you are on the M1!
  • have a list of activities that you can do when the children start to get bored. With the older ones, perhaps a camera and a notepad so keep a journal of their trip?
  • involve the children on the adventure in the lead up, packing and travel so there is always something to look forward to
  • if travelling with very small ones, consider travelling at night when they will be sleeping (especially if by car)

Travel with medical supplies e.g. paracetemol, plasters, cold compress

Must have products

  • Suncream, hat and sunglasses
  • UV stroller cover
  • Layers of clothing
  • Travel highchair
  • Travel moses basket/ cot or toddler beds
  • Snack pots / water cups and perhaps cutlery

Two of the best sites on the internet who specialise in family travel accommodation are:

Tots Too – Luxury Family Holidays

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Tots to Travel

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Travelling with little ones is tiring enough without having the constant drain of wondering what to do and how to do it best.

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